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Data-centric Fourth Era ERP with Embedded AI

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Data Analytics and Insights

The in-built Business Intelligence engine of Focus X lets you generate comprehensive, data-rich reports and run a detailed analysis for informed and timely decision making. The system uses dedicated servers to significantly reduce the time required to generate and load reports.

Banking Integrations for Vendor Payments

Focus X brings banking right within the application, increasing security along with ease-of-use and simplification. Initiate real-time transactions to become your vendors’ most preferred business partner. Automatically reconcile the bank statement with entries in the accounting ledger.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Future-ready ERP System

Focus X opens a portal into the future through AIFA – Artificially Intelligent and Futuristic Applications. The cloud ERP system empowers your business with AI and machine-learning driven statistics, predictive analytics and forecasting. AIFA offers 101 algorithms to suit even your most unique business requirements.

Dedicated Customer and Vendor Portals

With Focus X, empower your customers and vendors with dedicated portals for effective communication, with secure transactions and tools to assist in decision-making. It is one of the best ERP software that transcends the traditional limitations and boundaries to connect with customers as well vendors regardless of geographical locations.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Move Beyond Post-Modern ERP With Focus X

Intuitive UI

Visually appealing UI provides clarity and offers stress-free navigating through pages

In-Memory OLTP

Enabling you to get complete the most demanding data transactions in the blink of an eye

VUI Processing

Use voice or text commands to access information and generate reports with ease

Biometrics Login

Use the in-built fingerprint scanner of your laptop or an external biometrics scanner to login

Focus X ERP feature

Multiple Users Login

Multiple users could login to their accounts from a single device by using biometrics logins

WhatsApp Integration

Allows you to send reports, invoices, payment reminders and more through WhatsApp chat

Secured Payments

Enabling simple and secure mode of payment through payment gateway integration

Advanced Dashboards

Dashboards include data-rich info-panels tailored to display the information you prefer

Focus X - FAQs

What is Focus X?

Focus X is the flagship ERP software from Focus Softnet. It is a single-platform, fourth-era Enterprise Resource Planning system with cutting-edge capabilities.

What are the key features of Focus X?

Focus X is integrated with advanced AI and equipped with Machine Learning tools. It is a complete ERP solution, offering end-to-end ERP modules to handle all your business needs.

How can the AI integration in Focus X benefit my business?

he advanced AI integrated in Focus X can provide you with actionable insights, automate routine tasks, enhance decision-making capabilities, and offer predictive analytics to anticipate business outcomes and trends.

What does the Machine Learning feature do in Focus X?

The Machine Learning feature in Focus X allows the system to learn from data patterns and trends, enhance system processes, and provide predictive insights for better decision-making.

Is Focus X suitable for my business size and type?

Focus X is a versatile ERP solution designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and types. Its modules can be customized to suit your unique business requirements.

What kind of modules does Focus X offer?

Focus X offers comprehensive end-to-end ERP modules. While specific modules may vary based on your business needs, they generally cover all aspects of a business, such as finance, inventory management, human resources, customer relationship management, and more.

How secure is the data in Focus X?

Focus X is designed with high-grade security protocols to ensure your business data's safety and integrity. It also adheres to regulatory compliance, further ensuring the protection of your data.

How can Focus X help in making business decisions?

Focus X provides robust analytics and reporting tools, predictive insights from AI and Machine Learning, and real-time data access, all of which can aid in making informed, data-driven business decisions.

How does Focus X compare with other ERP solutions in the market?

Focus X is a fourth-era ERP system, meaning it is built with the latest technology, AI integration, and Machine Learning tools. This gives it an edge in providing more intelligent, automated, and data-driven solutions compared to many traditional ERP systems.

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