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Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

welsoft provides industry-ready ERP solution that includes effective job management modules to simplify the process of combining different cleaning services and dealing with multiple clients at the same time. This dramatically impacts your teams’ overall productivity and boosts your ability to maximize the business potential.

Top Benefits of ERP Software

Easy information sharing through a cloud-based platform

Sync all business data to generate accurate reports

Make smarter scheduling decisions with real-time data tracking

Alert notifications to keep everyone updated and in the loop

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Challenges Faced In Cleaning Service And Solutions Providers!

Know How

How ERP Software For The Cleaning Industry Helps Overcome Challenges

Since more than 29+ years, Focus Softnet has been playing a major role in helping enterprises and SMEs overcome industry challenges and initiate digital transformation through its smart ERP solutions. We have supported many organizations achieve process automation through our easy-to-use and quickly deployable business solutions. In the following, we explain some specific features of our ERP software, tailored for the cleaning industry.

erp for cleaning solutions

Automated Workflows and Processes

Our ERP software solutions have been customized for cleaning services companies to create automated workflows and processes for driving all operations from a single platform. You can direct operations, track activities, ensure compliance with service standards and generate reports.

erp for cleaning solutions

Finance and Budget Planning

The cleaning management software solutions are equipped with integrated modules for finance and budget planning to help businesses prepare detailed budgets with project-specific and department-specific allotments. These systems help to keep a check on spending with pre-defined alerts.

erp for cleaning solutions

Integrated Inventory Management Module

Our ERP applications are equipped with advanced inventory management tools to assist you in planning resource procurement and usage. These systems identify low-running resources and notify you about them through smart alerts, helping you allocate resources with correct prioritization.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Customizable ERP Modules To Suit Your Business Needs

Industry-Specific ERP Applications With Custom Features

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