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All-In-One Restaurant Management Software On Cloud

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Custom made for the hospitality industry

Focus e-RMS is a GST compliant restaurant management software from ,welsoft one of the top providers of ERP solutions in India. This cloud-based restaurant reservation software caters to the requirements of hospitality industry, for establishments such as restaurants and hotels.

An application for end-to-end operations management

From managing table booking to the payment of bills, there is no aspect of restaurant operations and hotel management that is left uncovered by Focus e-RMS software. Deploy the restaurant management system to run a smoother business.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Customizable, user-defined dashboards

Focus e-RMS restaurant management system software is equipped with robust features and has customizable dashboards that can be accessed via touch screens and keypad. The user-friendly interface helps restaurant managers to quickly monitor and control every single operation.

kitchen management simplified

Focus e-RMS software, a restaurant POS billing software  lets you access the kitchen display system, restaurant menu, table, time tracking, and manager approvals to ensure smooth operations management. These innovative features make it a highly preferred restaurant billing software in India

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

What Makes Focus e-RMS Software A Perfect Choice?

Focus eRMS software is an all-inclusive restaurant management system that helps your business grow in efficiency, regardless of its type and size. With its innovative features, the solution strengthens your restaurant management and empowers you to provide the best service to your diners.

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Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Focus e-RMS software is a powerful cloud-based hotel management software with advanced features to control restaurant/hotel operations at single and multiple locations.

  • Complete data synchronization with integrated modules to manage all departments

  • Dynamic report generation capabilities to enable smart and timely decisions

  • Produces location-based customizable reports for staff, processes, sales comparison, MIS, inventory, and purchase

  • Accounting software with flexible payment options and multi-currency support

  • Touchscreen and multi-option display for easy and error-free order booking

  • Auto-track purchase orders, inventory transfers, stock reconciliation and return processing

  • End-to-end customer history tracking (transaction, feedback, purchase, gift vouchers, discount schemes/promos, loyalty programs etc.)

  • Equipped with customizable restaurant menu and table management module that guarantees seamless table reservation, allotment and transfer

Focus e-REMS restaurant POS system has robust safety mechanisms. Our restaurant management software ensures high-level data protection and complete prevention of fraud or theft.

  • Database and Windows authentication

  • Role-based system access

  • User-defined password policies

As an efficient restaurant ordering software, Focus e-RMS application is equipped with mobile POS billing software and cash register system:

  • Waiters can access the application on any mobile device via codes

  • The waiter login page can be customized to fit the restaurant’s requirements, serve priority and customer requests

  • Allows to add written instructions for the chef, send messages, split bills, select tables and manage void, open or recalled orders

The POS integrated restaurant billing and hotel management system ensures easy and hassle-free billing and pricing management.

  • Supports multiple pricing structures

  • Generate GST compliant bills

  • Easy filing of tax returns

  • Accepts payments through multiple modes (split billing, cash etc.)

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

AI is Reshaping the Way You Serve Your Guests

Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry is transforming the processes, services and facilities. Upgrade your restaurant’s services and build greater trust among your guests with advanced robotic process automation, chatbots, face recognition and predictive analytics features through AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications). Integrate the AI platform with Focus e-RMS to manage your restaurant better.

Get Everything You Need For Your Restaurant!


Customize the dashboards according to user, manager or department


Centralized system that allows users to record, update and access data


Tracks financial records and generates revenue and expense reports


Enables you to view and manage guests’ table booking details from a single screen

Focus eRMS Software features


Tracks the recipe, keep count of materials consumed and stocked in the store and kitchen


Allocates shifts based on duty and work hours, automating and optimizing the process


Advanced integrated accounting module to monitor and control cash flow


Pre-define alerts and to instantly notify you about any operational changes

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