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Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Scalable CRM software

Centra AUTO Software is a powerful automotive software that enables smooth operations for sustained business growth. As a scalable solution for manufacturers and distributors across the globe, it helps you match your inventory with demand and streamlines all processes, saving you time and resources.

GST-ready accounting

This industry-ready automotive CRM software is here to ease off the complications of GST compliance and tax calculations. Manage accounts, generate invoices and automate billing processes from a single application.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

DMS for automotive sales

It includes powerful features to manage all aspects of businesses that deal with automobile sales, leasing and maintenance, functioning as a comprehensive dealership management software fully prepped for the automotive industry.

Efficient garage management

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Comprehensive Automotive Software

Centra AUTO is provided by CentraHub, a subsidiary of welsoft. It is the most reliable and trusted CRM and ERP software vendor providing advanced solutions for SME businesses across India. As an easy-to-use automotive CRM software, Centra AUTO helps automobile dealers manage vehicle sales, rentals, garages, and workshop facilities from a single platform, with no further need to deploy different applications for various operational needs.

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Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Centra AUTO has a proven record of providing effective ERP and CRM solutions for the automotive industry
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The cloud-based dealership management software includes integrated task management features for end-to-end customer tacking, starting from test drive to the finalization of a vehicle, negotiation and vehicle delivery. The automotive software helps users in:

  • Managing quotations and multiple payment terms along with authorizations, calendars, and activity trackers.

  • Acquiring and tracking leads to convert them faster.

  • Ensuring that inventory is stocked based on the market demand.

Centra AUTO software improves workflows in garages and automobile workshops. Once vehicles are received for service and maintenance, the system takes care of all minute details including estimation and quotation of the services, client and customer approvals, contracts, job card initiation, work logs, spare parts consumption and most importantly, management of warranties, claims and insurance. With Centra AUTO you can:

  • Automate bookings, based on slot availability

  • Manage job requests, estimations, periodic service maintenance and service contracts

  • Optimize inventory, requisition, replacement of parts, JIT and parts procurement

  • Generate invoices, receipts, gate pass and other vehicle delivery details after servicing

As a complete web-based CRM software for the automotive industry, Centra Auto can be used for enterprises, midsized as well as small businesses engaged in car rentals and leasing. With its reliable features and automated approach, you can:

  • Manage rental bookings, track contracts, terminations, agreement extensions, expiry, renewals, violations and toll logs.

  • Integrate cash flow and credit transactions with existing ERP applications.

  • Define user-specific dashboards for quick and easy navigation.

  • Generates ROI in a short time frame.

Our automotive inventory management software is a certified GST-ready CRM application in India.This SaaS based automobile management software complies with tax regulations in all countries where it is being used.

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Significant Features


Enjoy easy navigation across the application with user-defined access and info-panels


Maintain demand-based and balanced stock in your warehouse


Monitor all transactions with comprehensive finance tools and 360-degree reporting


Provide your customers with improved quality in products and services

Centra AUTO Software Features


Manage phases of every sale with detailed view of each customer


Define, automate and streamline processes at your workshop


Engage effectively with customers and staff


Speed up order processing and increase customer satisfaction levels

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