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Integration-Ready Logistics And Supply Chain Management Module

Supply Chain Management plays a crucial role in businesses whose operations involve logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and production. welsoft ERP systems are primed with a state-of-the-art supply chain management module that helps you handle all aspects of procurement, sales and logistics with ease and efficiency.

The SCM module would also assist you in managing supplier relationships and assessing risks through its analytics tools and reporting capabilities. The module could be easily incorporated with financials for instant data synchronization and prevention of data duplication.

Supply chain module

MOBILE READY features and real time data synchronization through cloud hosting

AUTOMATION driven tools that simplify supply chain operations and take care of redundant tasks

EASY UI with graphically rich and quickly deployable features.

INTEGRATED with financials, sales, purchase, inventory and warehouse modules

Welsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

The logistics and supply chain management module is designed to ease supply chain operations through a set of carefully devised tools that could be accessed by non-IT users as well due to their graphical interface. The ERP module also simplifies Demand and resource planning, inventory management, data storage and delivery. It facilitates integration with the accounting framework for instant synchronization of accounts receivable and accounts payable. This keeps credit limits in check, based on credit amount or period.

With a strong emphasis on procurement, purchases, sales and distribution, the supply chain module’s comprehensive tools would help you initiate automation so you could concentrate more on business strategies.

Eye-Grabbing Features Of Our ERP’s Supply Chain Management Module

Define sales and purchase prices for products. Create similar or multiple pricing options, activate/deactivate the price book and customize it as required. You could define prices based on customer, location, date and other aspects, and apply filters such as quantity, department, currency and unit. The module also allows you to specify prices in foreign currencies and import multiple price books with ease.
Use the module’s efficient invoice designer to process invoices after purchasing. The tool is capable of processing multiple invoices from sales and purchases concurrently, while allowing you to manage total purchases based on the vendor and sales based on customers. You could also adjust the amounts when receiving or giving discounts. As soon as any invoice is saved, the module updates VAT and tax accounts along with the respective reports.
Proficiently manage all areas of purchases, right from workflow and planning to purchase orders, consignment stock and integration with financials through our dynamic supply chain management module. Track and control vendor credit with limits and time frame, create RMA for incoming stock, evaluate quotations based on departments, products and vendors while simplifying order entries.
The logistics and supply chain management module is also equipped with sales management tools that cover all activities, right from sales enquiry to delivery. Enabling you with automation, the module empowers you with customizations through which you could define and control customer credit, generate sales forecasts, extensively analyse sales trends and profitability. Other options include stock reservations for sales orders and visibility of outstanding accounts receivables by customer.

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