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A One-Stop Inventory Management Module With Comprehensive Tools And Features

The inventory management module is an integral part and a critical component of all ERP systems. This cloud-hosted module forms the backbone to manage all businesses that have warehousing and storage functions, assisting them in optimizing space and reducing operational costs. Apart from helping in tracking all stock and providing updates related to stock balance, the inventory module in ERP also automates processes and monitors all transactions.

With inventory management module:

Manage MULTI-LOCATION warehouses through a unified database that prevents the formation of data silos and avoids duplication.

Monitor dealings in MULTIPLE CURRENCIES through our inventory management ERP module and ensure smooth transactions.

Maintain your inventory based on various ATTRIBUTES that you could define and customize, making the picking easier and less time-consuming.

AUTOMATED PROCESSES for stock allocation and transfer make it easy for you to reconcile stock and keep an eye on all movements, inside and outside the warehouse.

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Our comprehensive ERP and inventory management systems comprise of modules that are integrated and could be customized to suit your unique warehouse needs. This module could be scaled up and expanded as your business grows and is accessible through mobile devices.

Consisting of critical processes to handle stock entries, bin configuration, RMA & batch tracking, stock reservation and integration with finance and POS, the inventory module is also equipped with game changing features to monitor stock excess or shortage, batch expiry, transfers, allocations and adjustments.

By enabling you to automate reordering, the inventory module would ensure you don’t run out of fast-moving stock and prevent you from overstocking slow-moving items. You could define the reorder levels for specific products or a group of products. The stock check feature would monitor orders in process and customer reservations to maintain the right balance in reorders.

The inventory management module is also equipped with smart notifications to alert you about crucial information, helping you to take decisions without delays.


Gain Competitive Advantage With The Inventory Module’s Power-Packed Features

Bring ease and clarity in all warehouse operations by defining products in the Master and categorize them based on the type, location, brand, attribute and many other options. The stored information would include name, item code, item description, item group and units, along with other optional information such as standard and overhead costs.
Consolidate all sales information and gain access to up-to-date inventory data. Get financial figures on your fingertips and manage all processes from an easy-to-use interface. Equip your warehouse with Weighted Average, FIFO, LIFO, Batch Rate and Standard valuation methods and enable auto indenting for stock that is below reorder Levels.
Use the Return Material Authorization (RMA) to easily trace an item to its vendor. Create batches and bins for incoming products, define manufacturing and expiry dates with ease. Once these dates are defined, the module would automatically detect and reject products that are close to expiry.
Get details of the stock balance in descending order of its value through the ABC (Always Better Control) analysis report of the inventory module. Access various reports and monitor the fastest, slowest and ageing stock. View your warehouse performance from multiple angles and viewpoints. Use the quotation analysis features to evaluate and match vendor quotes and select the best one.

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