Fixed Assets Management

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Fixed Assets Management With A Ground-Breaking ERP Module

The Fixed Assets Management Module in our ERP systems is a combination of advanced tools and features that would help you manage, track and utilize your fixed assets in the most productive way. Integrated with other business departments, the module would help you monitor the usage of all assets and schedule jobs for all machines, including load and maximum capability.

By deploying our fixed assets module, you would be able to maximize the asset reliability and performance, predict and prevent equipment failure, comply with operational regulations and track all costs related to asset usage.

With fixed assests management module:

DEFINE asset depreciation in all aspects, including rate and acceleration of depreciation.

CATEGORIZE assets or divide them into tags based on which different depreciations could be applied.

CONTROL all aspects of asset depreciation and define rate, percentage and acceleration as required.

INTEGRATE the fixed assets module with other modules in the ERP system, including General Ledger.

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Focus Softnet’s Fixed Assets Management Module is the best-in-class software with mobile-ready features and cloud hosting. Apart from helping you digitize data and streamline operations; it would also assist you overcome challenges and reach higher standards of productivity.

The module is purpose-built to aid you in managing all types of fixed assets and could be easily scaled as and when your assets increase, and your business grows.

Features Of The Fixed Assets Management Module

The fixed assets management module would allow users to record all details related to each asset based on tags, location, department and vendor. Assets could also be mapped under parent assets, added under specific categories and so on. For easy identification, you could add images to each asset and also import data from external sources.
Through its easy transaction screens, the fixed assets management module in our ERP systems would help you manage the usage of multiple assets, add or reduce their value, transfer, dispose and access history of each asset along with its capitalization, with total ease and simplicity.
The module is capable of handling multiple depreciation methods and is fully integrated with the general ledger. You could define asset depreciation methods based on usage or select the straight line, charge-off or the WDV methods. The commencement date of depreciation could also be defined by the user along with rate of depreciation.
Define asset depreciation methods based on which the fixed assets module would auto-calculate depreciation and post the values. Depreciation could be managed based on month and year and a schedule could be defined for the same.

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