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ERP With Business Intelligence Module

welsoft ERP solutions are equipped with powerful business intelligence in ERP systems that enable users to gain insights and make quick and important decisions based on accurate data. This ERP Business Intelligence module is versatile and allows users to modify and analyze the data in any way possible. Users can slice and dice the data to evaluate different metrics for full business data analytics.

With BI:

You have the ability to PREDICT trends based on recorded information and reports.

ERP systems can be EARS and EYES for your organization, allowing you to track your defined KPIs.

You have the ability to provide users with REAL-TIME data which helps companies to make quick decisions.

Users can have the real-time information they need in the short and long term to make INTELLIGENT DECISIONS.

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The BI (Business Intelligence) powered ERP software also empowers users to measure, monitor and track the performance of every business function, entity, and process. Managers and business owners, for example, may choose to analyze sales performance of salespersons, monitor each sale through its various stages. Users can also monitor their products with statistics or visual graphical representation alongside the market in which they are being sold, compare business units to analyze performance. You would no longer have to worry about calculating the income of single business groups, whether locally or overseas. The Business Intelligence (BI) module would generate a complete performance analysis and alert you if any market or unit is unsuccessful, so you could take immediate action to reduce the extent of the loss.

"The powerful ERP Business Intelligence module from welsoft Softnet will help you track any business function, unit or procedure, allowing you to make rapid and important decisions based on accurate data."

The Value Of Business Intelligence In ERP Systems

A strong report writer allows you to create customized reports with easily quantifiable metrics. You can make use of the advance report writing feature that will save you time. Use this feature to create custom reports that meet your reporting requirements and all your business needs.

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