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Waste Management Software With Integrated Modules And Mobility

In an age where our planet is facing major environmental crisis, waste management has emerged as crucial sector in the fight against climate change. The need for environmental preservation, paving way for commercial waste management opportunities.
Waste management companies are thriving and functioning well, both financially and operationally. However, there are some challenges that these companies face in waste reduction and waste treatment. In the following, we have identified these major hurdles and how Focus Softnet could solve them through cloud-based and AI powered best waste management software.

welsoft provides an ERP solution for waste management companies to manage waste effectively and reduce environmental hazards. From pickup to transportation to final disposal, the system features advanced tools for automating these operations, recording every process, and managing them effortlessly.

Major Benefits of ERP Software

Allow dynamic scheduling for waste collection and disposal

Plan and monitor resource allocation

Make the operations cost-effective

Manage quotations and pricing for multiple projects

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Challenges Faced By Waste Management Companies

Rising Costs Of Finding A Uniform Solution

cloud erp for waste management

Waste management companies are not able to find a uniform solution and end up spending more on various unsuccessful methods of transporting and recycling of wastes.

Maintaining Finance And Operational Sustainability

cloud erp for waste management

Shortage of automated systems and tracking tools leads to lack of control over day-to-day operations in waste management businesses, which effects their ability to achieve success.

Monitor Assets And Regulatory Compliance

erp for waste management

Lack of proper tracking tools for waste transportation vehicles and devices to segregate solid waste, food waste, medical waste, and other litters lead to improper utilization of assets.

How Our ERP Assists You In Overcoming Waste Management Problems

erp for waste management

Quotation Management With Flexible Pricing

Our waste management ERP system would allow you to create personalized quotations of services for your customers. You can also incorporate it with a built-in price list and set pricing rules for more flexibility, along with different billing fees.

waste management erp software india

Tracking Resources And Waste Collection

Track all your assets and resources by allocating them with unique serial numbers or barcodes in real-time. The monitoring will help you direct your resources remotely, e.g. when transporting the hazardous waste or when handling biomedical or medical waste.

waste management erp software india

Maintain Seamless Approval Processes

Our waste management systems would help you set up powerful hierarchical workflows that you can define and customize. These workflows aid you in creating a seamless approval process with proper stages and tiers to ensure every approval reaches the right person.

waste management erp software india

Customization And Personalization

You can configure workflows and functionalities of our smart waste management system to suit the unique requirements of your waste management operations. It allows you to customize features and tailor the dashboards with info-panels you want to display.

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Smart CRM For Improved Customer Services

Our CRM system for waste management companies would help you communicate and serve more effectively while ensuring no gaps remains in service requests processing. Use the CRM system to execute marketing campaigns, track sales, and monitor transactions with customers.

Customizable Waste Management ERP Modules

Our integrated ERP software is equipped with functionalities to makes waste management effortless. The next-gen modules accommodate all your requirements and improve the operational efficiencies of your business.

Industry-Ready, Cloud-Based Software Solutions

Industry-ready, cloud-based software solutions streamline various departments to improve overall business productivity and profitability.

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