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Modern ERP For Warehousing & Logistics Industry

The warehousing and logistics industry is a vital part of the global business landscape and is strongly connected with several other major industries. Regardless of which vertical a business is into, it relies on warehousing and logistics for the timely delivery and effective distribution of its products and services. To keep up with the complex market demands, warehousing and logistics enterprises require superior control over every aspect of their operations. Failure to do so could result in wastage, delays, customer dissatisfaction and other major losses.

welsoft provides the best ERP software solutions for warehouses integrated with CRM module to enhance management of customer relationships. The solutions have proved invaluable in enabling flawless order fulfillment and on-time shipments. Operational automation brought by the WMS solutions aid in maximizing outputs and make managing and monitoring operations easier. Thus, these solutions empower organizations to improve various aspects of business and earn more profits.

Top Benefits of ERP Software

Increased Productivity

Effective Reporting and Planning

Improved Supply Chain Management

Efficient Storage Administration

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Overcome Warehouse & Logistics Business Challenges

Warehousing and logistics businesses deal with a magnitude of operations on a day-to-day basis. This includes both internal and external processes ranging from order processing, transport, supplier management, etc. We explore a few of major challenges faced by these businesses in the following.

Inaccurate Stock Count

warehousing and logistics

Unavailability of adequate insights into operations and lack of accurate predictions about future demands lead to excess inventory build-up or unforeseen stock scarcities.

Multiple Systems For Tracking

warehouse logistics

Businesses that rely on multiple systems or manual procedures to manage operations have limited access to real-time data and fail to maintain demand and supply balance.

Poor Warehouse Space Utilization

logistics management software

Poorly configured warehouse layout results to inefficient use of available storage. This further increases the time for order processing and impacts productivity.

How ERP Improves Your Warehouse Operations?

Dynamic and fast-moving warehousing and logistics enterprises need robust ERP systems that are capable of streamlining operations and cater to all business needs. Our powerful cloud-based WMS applications improve operational efficiency and address your business challenges effectively.

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Minimizes Security Vulnerabilities

Our WMS systems use radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to meticulously capture inventory data and record each stock movement. This effectively increases stock accuracy and prevents inventory losses.

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Productivity and Reduced Human Errors

The warehouse ERP systems are integrated with barcode tracking, allowing workers to immediately locate the products they have to pick. This reduces order processing time and improves employee productivity.

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Reduced Operational Expenses

Barcode scanning and robust integration capabilities of WMS systems reduce the time required to process orders and receive deliveries. It also shrinks the manual intervention to speed-up the admin tasks and reduce human dependencies.

ERP Modules For Warehouse And Logistics Companies

Best ERP Software Solutions For Your Business

ERP solutions pave the way for success for organizations in terms of improved profitability and productivity. Monitor all operations from a single integrated system.

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