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Cloud-Based ERP Systems For Trade & Services Industry

If there is a line of business where organizations differ in standardizing processes, it is the trade and service-oriented establishments. Because the companies operate on a project-by-project basis, they face challenges in managing multiple processes, people, and tasks at different locations and find it hard to maintain uniformity. Businesses, large or small, if not able to overcome these challenges, would witness reduction in productivity.

welsoft provides cloud-based ERP systems for trading, professional service providers such as logistics businesses, law firms, project management companies and more. With their comprehensive modules, these solutions provide smart and insightful reports to manage finances, strategies and planning. These service establishment software solutions give project management a new definition with their capabilities to manage various operations in multiple locations using a unified database.

Top Benefits of ERP Software

Monitor operations in real time

Predict market demands

Manage quotations and pricing

Get BI powered reports

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Prime Industry Concerns

Scope creep is probably the greatest fear of any trade and service-based organization. It is often seen that a project starts in a certain way, takes a different shape as it progresses. This is due to inefficiency in utilizing the available data and resources to manage business operations effectively. In the following, we explore some of the most common challenges that businesses from the trade and service industry deal with.

Managing multiple projects

Cloud-Based ERP Systems For Trade & Services Industry

In the absence of a standardized approach to manage trade or service-based projects, businesses are unable to manage multiple projects efficiently.

Generating cost quotations

cloud-based ERP systems for trading

A considerable amount of time is spent in calculating project costs and preparing and quotations as incorrect quotations may affect business profits.

Delayed project delivery

erp software for trade and services

Problematic execution delays project delivery which destroys the brand image, affecting the overall business flow and discouraging prospects from engaging with you.

Key Benefits Of Using ERP Software For Your Business

erp system for trade industry

Integrated departments for easier collaboration

Tasks performed in a trade and service establishment often overlap departmental and locational boundaries. An ERP software negates this issue effectively and enables all team members to stay updated with necessary information.

erp software for service industry

Project costing with better scheduling and planning

With an ERP system in place, setting deadlines and priorities becomes easier. It also prevents duplication of activities and schedules. Thus, our applications help organizations avoid losses that arise from the chaos of a busy project, poor resource management and prevent you from missing a deadline.

erp for trade and services

Easy delegation of tasks and tracking features

Managers often struggle to allocate and brief tasks to every team member. An ERP system eases this job. Easily define tasks with related instructions and assign them to relevant personnel. This saves time and enables you to monitor all tasks from a unified dashboard.

Important ERP Modules

Our ERP solutions serve you with a strong trade and service management modules with features that ensure productivity, efficiency, consistency and quality control. An efficient ERP software provides real-time data by enabling better decision making.

ERP Solutions - Designed To Fulfill Your Business Requirements!

Cloud ERP software that give you a real-time view of your business thereby enabling better visibility across various functions in the business leading to faster and efficient decision making.

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