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We believe that the true foundation for a partnership is a mutual trust and respect for one another. Our clients embrace this philosophy and, on that basis, we establish a two-way connection to let ideas and information flow with them openly and regularly.

The most productive and long-term relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, whose values are deep-rooted in maintaining the same partnership approach and dedication for organizations irrespective of their capacity, is at the core of achieving great successes and building relationships.

Since our inception in 1992, Welsoft Technologies has won partnerships and business associates from all around the world. We have helped hundreds of businesses, from different industries, ranging from small to large scale organizations, maximize their potential and become sustainably successful entities.

We have worked with manufacturers, financial institutions, retailers, educational institutions, real estate owners and managers, automotive dealers and many other types of companies.

We provide our clients with the highest quality business management solutions, designed to help them solve critical industry challenges. These systems automate operations, make customer dealing easier and instill a harmonious environment within the organization.

We strive to bring continual improvement in our products and deliver exceptional solutions and services that exceed clients’ expectations. To do this, we have tight control over the way we operate and respond quickly, ensuring that our clients receive our consistent support and always deliver our promise .

Some of our client relationships have spanned over two decades. We also have clients who return to us. We help them in expanding their existing business as well as in building a new one.

Currently, we have above 1 million users in 17 countries across the globe. Below you will find some of our top clients.

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